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Last updated 09.09.2009

Java TetriNET Server

The latest version of the Java TetriNET Server by Pihvi is 0.5.11 released March 27 2001. The server is being completely rewritten and a new version is expected in the future..

You can download a free copy of the server here.

09.09.2009 The homepage has been moved from http://home19.inet.tele.dk/aaltonen/ to http://www.javafacts.com/jts/

25.10.2003 There have been problems downloading the server for a couple of days wich have now been fixed.

13.11.2001 Now you can convert your winlist file to a text file, for those people who would like to display the winlist on a webpage. A small converter written in java can be downloaded from here.

20.07.2001 The webpage has been updated with information about the changes in the TetriFast client compared to the TetriNET client. It can be used to make e.g. your own GTetriFast hack. Hopefully someone will make it available for download.